First of all welcome! We knew we would meet because those who share the same values eventually get together.

Our big dream is to collaborate for mindsets transformation using rugby’s culture and lifestyle – specially from New Zealand.

ALMARUGBY – SOUL of Rugby – was created to offer you opportunities to be part of this change. You can support the education of kids and teenagers. With your collaboration we can multiply the number of testimonials on how the kids feel their lives been improved. We believe that the true leadership is made by examples, so we show people that can be role models.

You that really connects to this lifestyle and want to show the world your values, buy our clothes, because each piece you buy, you donate a class. The balance taught be Maori culture, the authenticity, the joy and the maori tribal traditions shows that the exchange is the way to giveback and leave a legacy.

For you to achieve victory, be it on your family, at work or personal life, there’s a path. Trust at ALMA, we will show you the way and inspiring examples – you’re part of the family! – but you must walk your own journey.

Victory Journey

  • Integrity

    Integrity Everything starts inside you, when you decide what you want to accomplish. When you adjust your goals and starts focusing on conquering your dreams.

    At this very moment you find your INTEGRITY connecting your thoughts and actions, and the confidence to bring to reality what's on your mind, on your heart and soul.

  • Discipline

    Discipline It's the consciousness that you are the only accountable of your goals.

    It's your inner force that chooses with joy what get you closer to your dream. Those small victories when there's no one watching.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork A good victory are those that you can share, that's why TEAMWORK is a fundamental value.

    Rugby teaches that you need to have people with different characteristics at your side so you can join forces and form a real team. Everyone working together, giving their best, and always bearing in mind that no one is greater than the team.

  • Respect

    Respect Side by side with teamwork is our fourth step, RESPECT, which enables and makes us value the best of the differences.

    The broad and unrestricted respect for the community, for those who came before and those who will come later is taught by the maori culture.

  • Fun

    Fun The experience on this path to conquer your dreams needs to be joyful, after all, all your energy is invested in it.

    That's why FUN must always be present. The joy in the dedication with which you accomplish each task. And the pleasure of savouring every step in the conquest of your great victory.


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The headdress is the nobility symbol for many tribal cultures. It’s beauty is considered of secondary importance.


The headdress real power is on it’s meaning. For you to earn yours you need to conquer it by your acts and each feather represents each act. The history of ALMARUGBY’s headdress is told by it’s 3 feathers:

  • The 1st feather was received when we began to value our origins, to rescue the wisdom of the past and all of those who created history until us;
  • The 2nd feather was received at the moment we started working very hard, with dedication to our community;
  • The 3rd feather we received as we committed ourselves to future generations, with the legacy we wish to leave for those who follow us.

It’s arch shape is the bridge that links our past as normal people, to our future of great achievements.
When using the headdress we feel stronger, it’s a protection for the Body, Mind and SOUL – ALMA.